Frequently Asked Questions

1)    I live halfway across the world. How can I get my hands on a GoldieBlox toy? 

  • Unfortunately, currently does not support international shipping. Fear not! We’ve partnered with, and they ship to most countries. 
  • If you live in Canada, guess what! We are now shipping to Canada from our website as well as in stores. Check out our store locator!  
  • Live in the UK, Ireland or Australia? GoldieBlox is excited to announce that we will soon be available in these locations through Interplay (UK + Ireland) and UGames (Australia).
  • Still having a hard time?  Hang in there - we’re working hard everyday to get GoldieBlox into the hands of girls everywhere. Sign up for our newsletter (top right of this page) to stay in the loop and ask your local retailers to carry our toys.  

2)    Missing pieces? Did Nacho get off his leash? Did Katinka backstroke down the toilet bowl?

  • Don’t panic. Email and we’ll find a way to get the gang back together and building again!

3)    Where is my package?

  • You can track the status of your package using your email and order number here. If your package shows as delivered, but you haven't yet received it, please email, and we'll make sure you get your GoldieBlox as soon as possible!

    Please note, some shipments, such as standard international shipments, are not trackable. In this case, please contact Team Goldie at for assistance.

4)    My budding engineer wants to build bigger, better, faster, taller. Can we order more parts?

  • Yes! We’ve just launched Blox + Bits - an expansion pack available for purchase in our online store. We're offering free shipping because we want to make it easy peasy to keep the building going.  

5)    We want more! What’s coming up next?

  •  Are you sitting down? We’ll wait. Ready? We’ve got more. A lot more. New friends, new books, new adventures are right around the corner. PLUS all of our toys will be compatible so, as your collection grows, so do the opportunities for creative play! Check our online store for current stock and pre-order availabilities.

    6)    What engineering principles are being taught through the GoldieBlox toy?

    • “GoldieBlox and the Spinning Machine” explores wheels and axles, force, friction and tension to build a belt drive machine.
    • "GoldieBlox and the Parade Float" delves into wheels and axles, gear action and vehicle design.
    • "GoldieBlox and the Dunk Tank" exhibits the hinge and lever concept.
    • Future toys will explore pulleys, gears, levers, circuits and even coding!

    7)    How is GoldieBlox "for" girls?

    • Our founder, Debbie, spent a year researching gender differences to develop a construction toy that went deeper than just "making it pink" to appeal to girls. She read countless articles on the female brain, cognitive development and children's play patterns. She interviewed parents, educators, neuroscientists and STEM experts. Most importantly, she played with hundreds of kids. Her big "aha"? Girls have strong verbal skills. They love stories and characters. They aren't as interested in building for the sake of building; they want to know why. GoldieBlox stories replace the 1-2-3 instruction manual and provide narrative-based building, centered around a role model character who solves problems by building machines. Goldie's stories relate to girls' lives, have a sense of humor and make engineering fun.  

    8)    What about boys?

    • We couldn't be more thrilled to let you in on a little secret: boys love GoldieBlox ribbon and all! Keep an eye out for male characters in the GoldieBlox line moving forward and remember: everyone is encouraged to discover engineering with Goldie and her friends. 

    9)    Why pink?

    • As far as girls loving pink, we aren’t debating that. We believe girls are MORE than just princesses – we’re not saying they should stop dressing up as them. We’d just prefer to see a tool belt thrown in with some tulle. Maybe even a kingdom constructed with pegboards and axles and Nacho too? Watch us as we grow and continue adding colors from all over the rainbow.

    10)    Tell me more about shipping to Canada..

    • To achieve these ground shipping rates to Canada from the US and prevent our customers from getting a bill for customs clearance on the other end, we are using a two-step shipping process. Once per week - or sooner if we have enough orders - we bundle up all our packages for Canada and ship them across the border by truck.Once cleared as a single customs entry, paid by GoldieBlox, we drop the packages at UPS, FedEx, or Canada Post to travel the final distance to you. We're sorry this approach takes a little longer to get our products to you, but we're super happy we've been able to find a way to ship to our Canadian fans without breaking their banks! We appreciate your patience.

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