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Girl Power

5 DIY Girl Power Halloween Costumes

From empowering, to bossy, to biker chick - we've got all the DIY costumes to use this Halloween!

It’s the spookiest time of year and often our wallets may look a little ghostly after purchasing Halloween costumes. Luckily, we’ve come up with five DIY Girl Power costumes that you and your daughter can create together! Plus, each costume is less than $10, so they won’t break the bank.

Emoji Girl Power Shields

Step back Captain America because Captain Girl Power is here to ward off all negativity!

All you’ll need to make this costume is some poster board, paint, scissors, tape, and elastic bands. Simply draw your desired emoji on the poster board – any emoji that screams “GIRL POWER!” works perfectly – and paint away. Once the paint has dried, cut out your shields and tape an elastic band to the back to hold onto.

A Literal Twist on Girl Power

Girl power strikes again with an adorable twist!

This costume requires a bit more parental supervision because a hot glue gun is involved, but beyond that, it’s as easy as can be. You’ll need a plain tank top or dress, fabric paint, headband, cardstock, yellow paint, glitter, scissors, and a hot glue gun. Spread your article of clothing out flat and get to work drawing the female symbol and lightning bolts all over. Don’t feel limited here – add swirls, dots, scribbles, and more! For the headband, draw your best lightning bolt, and go wild with the paint and glitter. Once everything is dry, you can cut out the bolt and glue it onto your headband. Get ready to shock your friends with this empowering costume.

The Empowering Superhero

The superhero we all need to spread words of encouragement!

This costume is all treat and zero trick – plus, it makes for a great slumber party activity. You’ll need a pillow case, fabric markers, and scissors. That’s it – seriously – no sewing or anything. First, you’ll need to cut the pillowcase. Lay the pillowcase down flat, and cut off the seam, cut along the bottom of the pillowcase, and up the third side, so you have one giant rectangle. Next, cut a thin strip off of the bottom of the pillow. This will be the cape’s string. Here’s the fun part: grab your fabric markers and have everyone go around the room and write encouraging messages on the cape. This is a great time to spread a little love and share your favorite thing about that person. Finally, thread that cut off strip through the top of the cape and you’re done!

‘Lil Girl Boss

“I got to be bossy today!”

What’s the first word you think of when you see this costume? A few that come to mind for us are – SASS, ADORABLE, and OMG. This is such an easy but effective costume. This little girl boss costume requires one thing: a shopping trip to your local thrift store. A helpful tip is to check out the boy’s section for a blazer or button up. Find yourself a pant suit, dress, button up, or blazer and you’ve got yourself a little girl boss. For an extra executive touch, you can throw your hair up in a bun and grab a pair of movie theater 3D glasses, pop the frames out, and get to work.

Rosie the Riveter Biker Girl

A new girl empowerment biker gang has arrived – watch out, Rosie!

If you thought trick or treating was fun on foot, try it on wheels! This costume is simple, all you need is a cut off jean jacket, some fabric paint, and a red bandana. Get your bike girl chic on with empowering phrases. A few of our favorites are The Future is Female and We Can Do It.

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