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It’s been one whole week without the queen of soul and the world is feeling a little bleak, but I’m happy to say that we can take a minute to appreciate the impact she had on the world along with other women continuing to change the world. From music, to candy, to dating apps, powerful women are every where you look.

Aretha Franklin, the queen of soul, passed away last week but her impact on civil rights and feminism remains forever

Photo: Wikipedia

I sat next to an older gentleman on a plane the other day and one of his first questions to me was “how did you feel when you heard the news about Aretha Franklin? My wife was devastated and I was wondering if she had an impact on your generation like she had on mine.” The first thing to pop into my mind was ‘RESPECT’ and how incredibly iconic that song was/is. Franklin was only 24 years old when she took Otis Redding’s respect and turned it around. Let me repeat that, only 24 years old. I am 24 years old right now as I write this, and I am amazed by her revolutionary impact on women and women of color at such a young age. Her song was the anthem of the 1960’s and continues to be a symbol for movements happening today. This song impacted everyone. Franklin broke barriers, spoke her mind, and she deserved all of the respect she demanded and worked for. Washington Post

This entrepreneur has built a multi-million dollar candy company and she is only 13-years-old.

Photo: Zollipops

Alina Morse is a 7th grader in Detroit, Michigan who loves dance, hanging out with friends, and runs her own national company. The idea for healthy lollipops came to Alina when she was only 7 years old – her father told her to be careful because candy would rot her teeth and (thankfully!) she decided to change the game of candy. Speaking right to my heart. You can find Zollipops here and contribute to the expected $6 million in sales this year. Week after week there are more stories being produced about teenage girls starting companies and I never want it to stop. Entrepreneur

The Bumble app (aka the dating app) has started a fund to invest in other female founded startups

Photo: Bumble

Even though Bumble was only founded about 4 years ago, it currently holds more than 37 million users and is valued at about $1 billon. Since Bumble is currently succeeding they want to give back to those trying to succeed and have created the Bumble Fund. This fund is solely focused on investing in female-founded businesses (just like Bumble’s founder Whitney Wolfe Herd) and has already helped fund multiple companies including a beauty startup BeautyCon and a prenatal and postpartum healthcare company Mahmee. Bumble plans to invest checks from $5,000 to $250,000 in companies and they have also invested in several female-focused investment funds. This is honestly the definition of women lifting up other women. Forbes

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