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A very special blog post heading your way this week because instead of our typical three articles we have four which means it was a very inspirational week for news. I continue to be amazed at how there are so many awesome women doing so many awesome things in the world. Each woman’s story inspires the next and this week proves just that.

Adrienne Bennett was the first black female master plumber in the United States but she didn’t stop there

Adrienne Bennett’s story is the ultimate shattering of the glass ceiling. Ever since she was a young girl, Bennett was interested in math and science, and she dreamed of studying mechanical engineering. However, a racially charged encounter turned Bennett away from ever getting her degree and she unfortunately never attended college. A few years later she was approached with a chance of a lifetime to work an apprenticeship program for skilled trades. The work was hard and dirty and she was surrounded by men, but she was excelling in her program. She pushed through constant physical and emotional harassment and finished top in the program. Bennett is now 61 years old and is the CEO of her own contracting company, Benkari LLC. Her path was far from easy and it’s truly amazing that she was able to push through, but by doing so, she has paved a path (finally!) for the future of women in a male-dominated industry. CNN

After defeating teams from across the globe, a group of Nigerian teenage girls win the Global Tech Competition in Silicon Valley

Let me repeat that, a group of teenage girls have won the Global Tech Competition in Silicon Valley. These girls were chosen out of 2,000 mobile app developers to represent Africa in a global competition. This competition gives girls an opportunity to address a problem in their country and create a solution with an app. The winners, Save-A-Soul, developed their application called ‘FD Detector’ to help fix the huge issues with fake pharmaceuticals in Nigeria. Around 4% of drugs in Nigeria are fake and the demand for pharmaceuticals are growing. This app has the ability to register the barcode letting you know if it is a counterfeit along with being expired. While this is a huge task for these young women to take on, it’s admirable and inspirational, and shows how no matter your age the difference you can make in your community alone is huge. Channels TV

Kelsey Martinez becomes the first female assistant coach for the Raiders, proving that girls can do whatever they want with their lives

Feeling incredibly prideful to be writing about this story while sitting in the GoldieBlox office in Oakland, California. This story literally hits home. AND not only is Martinez the first female assistant coach but she is also only 26 years old. Her hard work ethic and determination prove that you can do what you love if you work hard enough. She makes it a point to not create excuses and to never blame any one else for her failures. Martinez has already inspired little girls that they can follow their dreams and by holding this role she will continue to do that for future girls that see her on the sideline at the games. You can’t limit yourself, no matter your age or gender. Review Journal

This female entrepreneur has created a coffee company to make the lives of women in Appalachia better

Jane Cavarozzi, the founder of Dirty Girl Coffee, has one goal at heart: make the lives of women in Appalachia better through economic development and advancement. Dirty Girl Coffee was started in 2015 as a small company and a vessel for Cavarozzi to promote her cause and has quickly taken off. The company now sells products in over two dozen outlets in Ohio and all the beans are fair trade, organic and grown by women. Here’s the best part though: Dirty Girl Coffee is creating jobs for some of Ohio’s poorest, where the skill and income inequalities hinder most people’s abilities to build up these communities. But not Cavarozzi. She has taken on a huge project that will take a lot of time and effort, so much so that she still doesn’t even pay herself after three years of being in business. Her passion for her community is inspiring and a company that is worth supporting. PRI

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