GoldieBlox Education:
DIY Designs Early STEM Learning Kit (2nd Grade)


The GoldieBlox: DIY Designs Early STEM Learning kit is optimized for second grade level learning. Students will learn about the steps in the design process, including: Selection of materials, defining a problem, and testing alternative designs. They will predict performance for different materials and design decisions, then collect and analyze data to test these hypotheses. In the end, students will understand what it means to optimize a design, using evidence and reasoning to support their design decisions and conclusions. After delving into the design process, who knows – they might just end up building a better lunchbox!

  • Lessons are fully aligned with Next Generation Science Standards, correlated to Common Core State Standards, and use research-validated 5E methodology. Click here to see standards alignment. 
  • Curriculum includes 4 comprehensive lessons; construction kit comes with 716 pieces, including 6 storybooks
  • Introduces vocabulary such as solid, liquid, gas, claim, evidence, reasoning, observation, hypothesis
  • Each kit provides sufficient materials for up to 12 students (6 pairs)

Please note: Kits will pack, ship, and deliver up to three weeks from date of purchase.

Product photographs courtesy of SHE Photography

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