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GoldieBlox Education:
Playing with Prototypes Early STEM Learning Kit (3rd Grade)


In the GoldieBlox: Playing with Prototypes Early STEM Learning kit, students at the third grade level will learn about using a design-based prototyping approach to improve an initial design – and they’ll do it with springs, rubber bands, and more! Revisiting vocabulary and concepts from prior learning, they will identify the ways in which force, mass, gravity, friction, weather and other factors may influence the performance of their prototypes and how to modify their designs to account for these factors. In addition, students will learn about center of gravity, balanced and unbalanced forces, failure points, and many other design and engineering concepts!

  • Lessons are fully aligned with Next Generation Science Standards, correlated to Common Core State Standards, and use research-validated 5E methodology. Click here to see standards alignment.
  • Curriculum includes 4 comprehensive lessons; construction pack comes with 1,204 pieces, including 4 posters
  • Introduces and revisits vocabulary such as variable, balanced force, unbalanced force, gravity, mass, friction, fair test, and various weather-related terms
  • Each kit provides sufficient materials for up to 8 students (4 pairs)

Please note: Kits will pack, ship, and deliver up to three weeks from date of purchase.

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