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Out of the Bot

Keep Kids Creative Week with Robot Runway: Safe YouTube content for creativity and girl empowerment.

The last week in September is National Keep Kids Creative week, a holiday created to encourage kids to imagine and create. Naturally, we’re so excited about this week – any excuse for a chance to be creative!

We know most kids are living on YouTube watching goodness-knows-what, so we’ve made it our goal to fill your kids’ feeds with safe content that inspires them to go out and make stuff. Our show Robot Runway is the ultimate way to keep kids creative this week. In each episode, girls build robots by taking their favorite toys and turning them into fearless robots ready for battle. It’s awesome!

The purpose of Keep Kids Creative Week is to get kids thinking outside of the box – or in this case, outside of the bot.  Robot Runway inspires kids to explore, imagine, create, and invent. PLUS it’s safe YouTube content.


While building their bots girls learn how to use drills, laser cutters, hot glue guns and even soldering irons.



Not only are the girls learning new *amazing* skills, but they get to use their creativity to reflect their own personalities. Contestants on the show have all different interests, ranging from dancing to skateboarding to gaming and even opera, so while some girls add glitter others add googly eyes. Learning STEM skills has never been so entertaining!


After the girls have built their bots, they hit the runway to battle over a pit of slime. The battles are epic, hilarious and intense – but in Robot Runway, everyone is a winner – even if your bot takes a dip in the pit of slime. Every script is parent-approved so even you won’t want to miss a slime-covered, STEM-fueled episode.

Here are the top 5 episodes you should definitely check out:

  1. Barbie vs. American Girl 
  2. Trolls vs. Minions
  3. Bratz vs. Kenz
  4. Hatchimals vs. Shopkins
  5. Porg vs. BB-8

While you may not have access to a 3D printer or soldering irons at home, you can always use Robot Runway for DIY-at-home robot inspiration. An easy trick is to purchase a remote control car and use rubber bands, hot glue, tape, and more to attach your favorite toy.


For future inspiration don’t forget to subscribe to the GoldieBlox YouTube channel for more episodes of Robot Runway every Saturday to keep those creative gears moving.

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