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DIY Windchime – Easy, Breezy, Beautiful!

Fun? Check. Relaxing? Double check. You need this nifty driftwood windchime!

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  • 1 Find the driftwood (this can be an adventure in itself, since it’s the perfect excuse to go to the beach, but you can also locate similar materials at a craft store).
  • 2 Paint the driftwood … or don’t. It’s your call—the wood element further enhances that whole feng shui thing, and radiates a rustic Cali-boho vibe we love. We painted ours like a rainbow, check it out and go wild if you wish.
  • 3 Paint the keys on one or both sides. When the wind knocks, the keys will make a surprisingly pretty, delicate sound—no banging or clanging like the clunky chimes of yore.
  • 4 Tie as many pieces of twine as there are keys around the driftwood, leaving several inches to hang loose. Cut each piece at equal length and tie one key to each end.

The Sci Behind the DIY

Thank goodness for science when it comes to explaining things you can’t see! So, what causes wind? The short answer is ‘differences in atmospheric pressure’. When air moves from a higher to lower pressure area, it results in wind, which can move at all different speeds. Since our Earth is a rotating planet, it keeps wind moving in a side-to-side motion.

The lengths and placement of tubes (instead of keys) in a real windchime are much more precise, of course. Although they appear to dangle randomly at different lengths, they’re carefully placed to touch each other where each pipe will vibrate the most. This spot of vibration is referred to as an anti-node, and it resonates clear and pure (an anti-node lives in the center of each pipe and at the ends). The placement of strings, which typically connect where pipes vibrate most, also help to make the windchime a very relaxing, high-precision instrument.

In a nutshell, this project is as rewarding as it is fun. Simply step outside with your morning orange juice and feel ahhhhmazing in the presence of your windchime until the fam realizes you’re missing and someone screams “Mooooooooooooommmmmmmmmm!”

Which is laughably just one letter off from Ommmmmmm.

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