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Headphones Hat – A Creative Way to Keep Cozy!

Hack a hat by adding headphones to create the ultimate wearable boom box.

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  • 1 Pop open both headphones to remove the flat disk where the sound comes out. It’s not as complicated as it sounds but be sure to keep the wires attached.
  • 2 Use a dab of hot glue, or a safety pin, to secure one disk onto the center of each hat ‘ear’.
  • 3 Cover each disk with a layer of felt for comfort. You can sew it on top or simply glue it in place (most disks will have holes already in them for easy needling). And there you have it, their new favorite cold-weather accessory—a major transformation from the hat they never wear to the hat they never take off!

The Sci Behind the DIY

Like a scene out of Mission Impossible, you and the kids can carefully rejigger basic wiring to get it to do what you want. The wonders of circuitry will never cease, but they do require some safety precautions, so stick to easy tricks that have already been tested by the Goldie Squad! This DIY project promises to deliver parental peace of mind all winter, but here are a few of the perks for the kiddos, in no particular order:

  1. Less cold exposure equals fewer sniffles.
  2. Not only does it keep heads warm, a wide brim shields skin from the slings and arrows of the sun, which makes it a playground essential (more fun than SPF!).
  3. They’ll never have to search for their headphones again, which really translates to YOU never having to turn the house/car/soccer bag upside down to find them.

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