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Snow Globe Jar – Hey Little Miss Snow it All!

Shake up tradition by creating a shimmering snow globe from scratch.

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  • 1 Glue your tiny tree onto the inside of your mason jar lid (optional: paint the lid). Here’s your license to get creative, it doesn’t necessarily need to be a tree. You can create a whole wide world inside that little jar. Keep in mind, plastic or ceramic figurines are better than metal, which is prone to rust.
  • 2 Fill the mason jar with water and add a few drops of food coloring. Drop in some superfine shimmer, which doesn’t clump in water like regular glitter.
  • 3 Once the tree has dried on the inside of the lid, screw the lid on, shake and watch in wide-eyed wonder!

The Sci Behind the DIY

For as long as we can remember, snow globes have always been made of glass balls that enclose glycerin, a medium through which faux snow particles fall. By shaking the globe, the particles inside are shaken into a flurry, then they gradually fall like the real thing. You see, any mixture in which particles are dispersed throughout a liquid (or gas) is called a ‘suspension’. Like honey or syrup, glycerin has a very high viscosity (aka how thick a liquid is, or how easily it pours) that make faux snow particles fall more slowly. The water we used in this project has a much lower viscosity, which means the snow in your globe will move a lot faster, like a wild storm. But go ahead and use honey, we double dog dare you.  

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