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GoldieBlox Education:
Making Motion Early STEM Learning Kit (Kindergarten)


The GoldieBlox: Making Motion Early STEM Learning kit is designed to introduce science, technology, engineering, and math concepts through hands-on, design-based play in kindergarten and other early learning environments. Pieces are large, colorful, and easy to handle – perfect for those little fingers! Through building and scientific experimentation, students will explore pushes, pulls, speed, force, counting, and comparison as they make a machine to spin their pets, test hypotheses to maximize the number of spins they can produce, build a roller coaster, and invent a board game.

  • Lessons are fully aligned with Next Generation Science Standards, correlated to Common Core State Standards, and use research-validated 5E methodology. Click here to see the standards alignment.
  • Curriculum includes 4 comprehensive lessons; construction pack comes with 428 pieces, including 6 storybooks
  • Introduces vocabulary such as engineering, wheel, axle, washer, crank, spin, gravity, and acceleration
  • Each kit provides sufficient materials for up to 12 students (6 pairs)

Please note: Kits will pack, ship, and deliver up to three weeks from date of purchase.

Product photographs courtesy of SHE Photography

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