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This week’s stories are after my own heart. Combining girl power with three of my all-time favorite things: journaling, soccer, and movies. Plus, it’s Friday, so it honestly doesn’t get much better than that.

After the success of their first two books, Rebel Girl has launched a Kickstarter for their third book.

On Tuesday, Rebel Girls launched a new Kickstarter for their third book: “I Am a Rebel Girl: A Journal to Start Revolutions.” This is the kind of journal every rebel girl needs (ahem, I’m looking at you mom). The journal comes jam-packed with activity pages for writing love notes to your favorite body parts to writing a letter to elected representatives. It’s the ultimate girl guide to be a rebel girl with complete personalization. GoldieBlox has always supported Rebel Girl and this third book confirms what we already knew: Rebel Girl is encouraging girls to lead the revolution of our time. Rebel Girl 

This 12-year-old soccer star has already received and accepted a scholarship to attend The University of North Carolina, but her skills don’t end there.

Olive Moultrie is a star in the world of soccer and she’s only 12-years-old. Her Instagram account has over 70,000 followers, there is a $60,000 turf field in her backyard, she’s been to Europe twice to play with some of the top women’s club teams in the world, and she’s trained with the youth team of Bayern Munich. Olivia once wanted to be a dentist but her focus quickly switched to becoming the best soccer player in the world. As you can imagine, it isn’t easy being only 12-years-old and expecting so much of yourself (no matter the age – this isn’t ever easy). As the world of women’s soccer is expanding, the Moultrie family wants to make sure Olivia continues on the path to her goal, and they want the United States to take a few pointers from the Europeans. Olivia embraces confidence and isn’t afraid to reach for what seems like the impossible – like becoming the first girl to play full time in the U.S. soccer’s boys development academy system. Olivia’s definitely a rebel girl, inspiring all of us to never give up on our goals. New York Times

The trailer for ‘Mary Poppins Returns’ was released and it’s everything we’ve dreamed about and more.

It’s been over fifty years since the original Mary Poppins was released, so a sequel is well overdue. The sequel features Emily Blunt as Poppins and she is coming back into the Banks children’s lives as they mourn the loss of a loved one. For the 50th anniversary of the classic film, Time released an article on how Mary Poppins was the original Disney feminist, long before Maleficent, Brave, and Moana. As some would say (me), Mary Poppins is the O.G. feminist. She is a no-nonsense nanny with exquisite negotiation skills that gets the nursery cleaned and the medicine down. There’s no doubt that Poppins is a lady, in every aspect, but she is opinionated and the master of reverse psychology. Even when it comes to her love interest, Bert, Poppins doesn’t take him into consideration when she has to leave. Unfortunately, it won’t be until December when Poppins comes back into our lives, but it’ll definitely be worth the wait! Huffpost



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