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Whew! Some HUGE happenings this week in the world of news. From Twitter battles to real life superheroes to even more inspiring women, but we’re not complaining.

From film to real life, Letitia Wright is encouraging young girls to pursue careers in STEM all while changing the scientist stereotype.

First, if you haven’t seen Black Panther you need to do that immediately (but after you finish reading this, of course). Secondly, Wright’s impact on the STEM community along with girls of color around the world confirms, once again, that representation matters. Entering the STEM field should be achievable for anyone instead of isolating. If one thing is certain at GoldieBlox it’s that being a nerd IS cool and that Wright is now our number one role model. Mashable

Women are tired of having their accomplishments going unnoticed & have taken it to Twitter 

Photo: pngimg

It was Rihanna who said, “Work, work, work, work, work” and that is exactly what all of these women are doing therefore they deserve the credit they rightfully earned. Every single woman has a story that could contribute to this thread, whether that’s by having your partner recognized for your accomplishments or having someone scoff in your face when you introduce yourself with your Dr. title. One day these issues won’t be issues anymore but until then: keep tweeting #ImmodestWoman and fighting the good fight. Guacamoley

Fill in the blank: 50 ____ Women

Photo: Dina Boyer

Thank you In Style for creating this series to highlight these AH-MAZING women. It’s so easy to get down in a rut with everything going on in the news, but even a quick scan of this article can have you feeling a whole lot better about where we are in the world. There are women who have overcome hatred to write, produce, and star in films to prove that ALL women are valuable. There are women who have fought and stood up to “the man” to protect the underdogs on issues like civil and immigration rights and access to health care. These women are not only demanding change, they’re making it happen.

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