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It may be Friday the 13th, but this week’s news is anything but spooky. In fact, this blog is full of women changing the game (literally & figuratively!). It’s a reminder that no matter your age, whether you’re 13, 21, or 36, you have the ability to impact the world in huge ways. Don’t ever forget that.

Malala turned 21 this week and celebrated her birthday speaking to girls who still do not have access to education.

Photo: Simon Davis/DFID 

On Thursday July 12th, the world celebrated Malala Yousafzai’s 21st birthday, and unlike the average 21 year old, Malala stayed true to her mission and went to Brazil to speak to young women who still do not have access to education. At 11, Malala went from an average Pakistani girl living under the Taliban to an advocate for women’s education. At 15, she was faced with an assassination attempt. At 17, she became the world’s youngest Nobel Peace Prize winner. And now, at 21, Malala is the face of women’s rights to safety and education. The Malala Fund has announced that it will be launching Assembly, a digital publication, created by girls for girls to educate the future of female leaders. ABC News

With only 10 months of minimal play, Serena Williams has just advanced to her 10th Wimbledon final.

8041302275_9ab77f2518_o.jpgPhoto: Flickr

Did she ever even leave the game? I’m not entirely sure how this is possible. She might be a superhuman, but Serena gave birth to her daughter (a near death experience), had multiple surgeries and says she couldn’t even walk to her mailbox. But guess what? SHE’S BACK. Serena is the perfect example of what a strong female can do and that hard work and perseverance pay off. Congratulations to you, Serena Williams, GoldieBlox will be impatiently waiting to find out the final results. The Guardian 

Sandra Oh just became the FIRST Asian woman nominated for lead actress in a drama

Photo: Flickr

I think I’ve said this before but it still applies: representation matters. Sandra has just made history and this is a huge step for her, Hollywood, and the future of all Asian actors. As Sandra said, it starts with a ripple, and for her that is entirely true. The actress had her big break with Grey’s Anatomy, and never even fathomed that she would be cast for a lead role – not because of her skills but solely on the fact that she looked different than the rest of Hollywood. Here’s to change and a future where little girls can look up to role models who represent them – Congratulations, Sandra! Upworthy

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