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My inner nerd is geeking out over this blog post! This week is all about the film industry – so be prepared for some hardcore Netflix binging and movie dates, because women are currently shattering stereotypes in Hollywood.

Jodie Whittaker is taking on the role of the first ever female Doctor Who in the show’s 55 year existence.

245156791_abfd94c17c_o.jpgPhoto: Flickr

Don’t worry, you read that right. Doctor Who has existed for 55 YEARS and not once had a female Doctor. Women of all ages can now watch and see a Doctor that represents them – so whether you’re just now starting your Doctor Who journey or you’ve been following from the beginning, this is a brand new start for the show. Plus, knowing that Jodie Whittaker is taking on this huge role eases my mind completely about the future of this program. It’s about time that this ‘Time Lord’ catches up with the reality of 2018 and the effect that powerful women can have on the planet. The Guardian

Felicity Jones plays a young Ruth Bader Ginsburg in a new film based on the groundbreaking case of gender discrimination.

Ruth_Bader_Ginsburg,_official_SCOTUS_portrait,_crop.jpgPhoto: Steve Petteway

You might be thinking “Wait a second… didn’t a film about RBG just come out?” Well, you’re right, but here’s where this one differs. This biographical drama film, ‘On the Basis of Sex’ follows Ginsburg on her journey through Harvard, where she graduated top of her class, and yet she still had to struggle to overturn a century of gender discrimination and prove herself as a lawyer. Make sure to mark November 25, 2018 on your calendars because this is one film you won’t want to miss. Huffington Post

Star Trek 4 is about to be the first film of the franchise to be directed by a woman. But wait, there’s more!

Leonard_Nimoy_William_Shatner_Star_Trek_1968.jpgPhoto: Wikipedia

Rumor has it that the newest Star Trek film will not only be directed by its first-ever female director, SJ Clarkson, but it will also feature its first ever female villain and female hero. Can this be real life?! Females are now being represented all throughout the sci-fi world and it’s about time. While these are just rumors, I’m holding onto hope that this is true because one female involved with Star Trek was already good news, but THREE females in huge roles is truly the cherry on top. What else can I say besides: Live Long and Prosper. Comicbook

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