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Curiosity Killed
The Stereotype

Let's build an army
of maker girls.

11 DIY Winter STEM Projects to Stave Off Cabin Fever

5 Hidden Activities Where Math &
Science Bring Fun

Keep your senses open to the places where kids can explore, create and play! 

New Kid on The Blox: Inspire Girls to Get
Into Coding With Rox
and her Robots

Rox’s Secret Code is a book that introduces girls to robotics, and an AR app that teaches them coding principles.

Faux Snow That
Glows—A Flurry
Of Fun

6 Things I Learned
About Boys, Dolls
and Nurturing

14 Inspirational Quotes for When She Doesn’t Feel She’s Enough

Every girl deserves a voice– even if at times it's borrowed.

New videos every week to
unleash her inner maker

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Making is
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